SUPPORT PRO Package – Cyber Privacy Suite Shield installation + 60min. Instructions


This package includes:

  • Installing one Cyber Privacy Suite Shield license (which was previously purchased), configuring the license according to your needs
  • Running a device scan and explaining the generated report
  • Adjusting the software parameters and general instructions for use
  • The technical assistance will last a maximum of 60 minutes. If you need more time, a new session must be purchased.


  • This package does not include licenses, it is an additional service purchased for support in the use of SHEILD licenses.
  • Assistance is provided via remote connection via Teamviewer/Anydesk, upon purchasing this package you agree to use this type of assistance. The conversation will be held by phone, an agent will contact you to establish the date and time of the purchased session.
  • This package does not include physical products.
  • The assistance will be carried out strictly on the purchased products, the package does not include the general technical assistance of the device.



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